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Bevor sich Dumpfbacken wie Barth, Mittermeier und Co. auf die deutschen Bühnen und Bildschirme drängten und mich an der Qualität der deutschen Komik zweifeln ließen, gab es einen, der mir gezeigt hat, dass Deutsche durchaus Humor haben können – und Selbstironie. Kaum ein anderer war in der Lage, die deutsche Gesellschaft so witzig, pointiert und subtil aufs Korn zu nehmen wie Loriot. Streng soll er gewesen sein in seiner Arbeit, perfektionistisch und eigenwillig. Diese preußischen Tugenden, die er zuhauf in den eigenen Sketchen verballhornte, brachten uns die unvergesslichen Herrn Müller-Lüdenscheidt, Herrn Lohse und Lothar Frohwein. Geboren als Bernhard Victor Christoph Carl von Bülow, ist Loriot am 22. August seinem Alter von 87 Jahren erlegen. Seine Werke bleiben, und die Neigung, Opa Hoppenstedt zuzustimmen: „Früher war mehr Lametta“.

Aug 21


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Videos der Woche (29): Überraschungspartys können gerne mal schief gehen. Erhöhen wir doch mal das Risiko deutlich: Machen wir eine Überraschungshochzeit: Operation White Cake.

Aug 14


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Videos der Woche (28): MÖBIUS

Twenty-one large triangles animated by Melbourne, throughout Federation Square. MÖBIUS is a sculpture that can be configured into many cyclical patterns and behave as though it is eating itself, whilst sinking into the ground. The result is an optical illusion and a time-lapse of people interacting with the sculpture and moving through Melbourne’s landmark location throughout the day.

Aug 01

I don’t give a fuck!

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Videos der Woche (27): Manchmal sollte man sich einfach entspannen. Not a single fuck was given that day!

Jul 25

Argumente für einen Hund

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Video der Woche (26): Murdock gets geer

Video der Woche (25): You asked for it: a whole video devoted to the rainbow sponge!

Jul 10

Es ist nicht alles so wie es scheint

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Video der Woche (24): Flashed Face Distortion Effect

We describe a novel face distortion effect resulting from the fast-paced presentation of eye-aligned faces. When cycling through the faces on a computer screen, each face seems to become a caricature of itself and some faces appear highly deformed, even grotesque. The degree of distortion is greatest for faces that deviate from the others in the set on a particular dimension (eg if a person has a large forehead, it looks particularly large).

Weitere Informationen hier und hier.

Jul 03

Dubstep als Symphonie

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Video der Woche (23): BBC Philharmonic Presents…Nero’s Dubstep Symphony

In June 2011, pioneering dubstep/drum and bass producers, Nero, teamed up with the world-famous BBC Philharmonic. The result is this unique blend between two music genres. Orchestrated and conducted by Joe Duddell. Performed live at MediaCity in Salford.

Nero’s symphony has been rebalanced to more closely fulfill the vision that the band had for the piece and to ensure that this pioneering mix of orchestra and dubstep is available in its full glory.


Jun 26

Gewinnen ist nicht alles

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Video der Woche (22): L’Equip Petit

Jun 20

Schaukeln macht glücklich

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Video der Woche (21): Swings in Los Angeles

The easy answers to finding pure joy were from our childhood and the most common was swings. From there it was a simple endeavor but we had no idea how well it would be received or the exponential impact it would have on people’s lives and their interactions. We accidentally stumbled onto something wonderful and much greater in its return than what was to be expected on paper. Every time I see a child beg their parents to be pushed on one of my swings, I become all the more committed to the idea that this project is something I’ll never give up until it becomes a movement on a global scale. This last time was no different, and I’m entrenched in the effort to make my dream a reality…